Cemetery Guidelines


  1. The planting of live flowers/placing of a pot of live flowers is permitted from March 15th through October 14th.
  2. All decorations are limited to 12″ In Front of headstones Only.
  3. Fall clean up will be done beginning October 15th and lasts about 2 weeks. Decorations not removed by the family before clean up will be discarded.
  4. During the winter months, live wreaths and evergreen blankets are permitted.
  5. Spring clean up begins on March 15th and lasts about 2 weeks. Decorations from winter not removed by the family before clean up will be discarded.
  6. A shepherd’s hook is permitted if placed in the 12″ area.
  7. Families are responsible for removing decorations when they become unsightly.
  8. Driving of metal or wooden stakes into the ground to secure decorations is NOT permitted.
  9. Glass floral containers are not allowed.
  10. Benches or statues are not permitted.
  11. Fencing, curbing, hedging, stone, marbles, or edging material is not permitted around the graves.
  12. The planting of trees, shrubs, or bushes is prohibited. Adorning trees can be planted by cemetery staff only.

Lot Purchases

If you or any of your family members are interested in purchasing burial lots in our cemetery, call the Parish office at (419)693-1150 to schedule an appointment. We can set up monthly payments, interest free, for one year or other finance information can be provided at your appointment.

Open Section – $1050.00
Pond Section – $1200.00

Open Section – $1250.00
Pond Section – $1,400.00

$1050.00 (Weekday)
$1200.00 (Saturday)

Infant/Child Lot – No charge
No Charge

Columbarium – From $2895.00 to $3395.00
(Depending on location)
Includes opening/closing and memorialization

Foundation fee
Time and materials depending upon the size of the foundation

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