Parish News

Parish Staff Job Opening

Opening – Pastoral Associate for Youth Formation – St. Ignatius Oregon and OLMC Bono

Religious Education

Grades 1-8             Family of Faith (Sophia Institute)

Sacramental Preparation

Reconciliation –     Grade 2 Prepared for Grace – Forgiven (Augustine Institute)

                                Available on-line and includes an activity book

                                Follow up through Google Docs or Flip Grid

First Communion – Grade 2

Again Prepared for Grace – Presence (Augustine Institute)

Confirmation –  Chosen  – (Ascension Press)

Works of Mercy (Individual/Group)

Letter to Pastor

Rite of Commitment

Saint Report

Sponsor Meetings – 4

Other works of Mercy – 5

Religious Education on 2nd Sunday of Month

2 hours – Parent and students –9:15-11:15am

**Laptop provided but may work from home.

High School – Lifeteen – maybe combined with this ministry with additional compensation or broken out for part time youth minister.  Sunday evenings – food/relational catechesis/social

Contact: Fr. Keith Stripe

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